I am Cynthia Farina, an Intuitive Life Guide, Enchanted Flower Essence Practitioner .

My life’s purpose is being a lighthouse for others, guiding them through various emotions they may not know how to navigate alone.  Sometimes it’s easier for others to peek through the windows of our lives and illuminate areas we are unable to see clearly.

When emotions are running high it can feel as if we are in the center of a tornado whirling out of control, finding it difficult to see our way out.  As an Intuitive Life Guide I work with individuals one on one, offering channeled guidance that comes through me to support them along their paths.

As an Enchanted Flower Essence Practitioner and Intuitive Guide I offer a variety of approaches to individuals interested in learning positive, realistic tips and techniques to add to their toolboxes as they move forward on their journeys.

I am continuously shining my light for others, motivating and guiding them through each transition in their lives.

Intuitive Life Guide Sessions