November Reading

We are embarking on a deep sacred change from one stage of ourselves to another. With this change comes letting go, releasing with dignity and mercy. It is time for us to move towards a greater fulfillment within our personal dreams. Being conscious that our dreams may need support to move from their beginning stages growing onward to the next level strong and onto unshakable ground. Not forgetting that our oath is the sacred bond that we make with ourselves or with another. Remember this too can be broken by another or ourselves due to circumstances that appear in our lives. It is the Truth in our word that we need to understand as fully as we can. What is it that we are promising to ourselves or another? Are we ready to truly commit to our word. The time has come are you ready to let go and live your dreams.
Peace and Blue Jeans
Cynthia xxx

From the Faery Forest Deck : Lucy Cavendish

The Merciful One, The Life Bringer and Oath 


Butterflies Are Free To Fly…

Butterflies Are Free To Fly…

The other morning my Champion and I were standing on our terrace looking out toward the Palisades Cliffs of New Jersey, discussing what we should do with the last day of our vacation.

Then out of nowhere a beautiful Monarch butterfly flew right in front of us!

For those of you who do not know me, I will tell you, I am that person that gets ridiculously excited every time I see a butterfly randomly cross my path!

So, as I silently gazed upon this butterfly in awe; suddenly there appeared another!  Then, within just a few seconds another, …then another; as if someone had just released an entire colony of Monarch butterflies. There must have been at least 25 that flew right past us as we stood there smiling and shrieking, “…look, there’s another one!”

At one point my Champion went back inside, as I stayed back watching for more fluttering beauties to grace my morning.

So many thoughts came to me and I quickly found myself in my “heart” and out of my “head.”  Suddenly, images appeared in my mind of the children in Pacific Grove, California marching in their yearly butterfly parade.  To my friends and family that live or have ever lived there, you know exactly what I am talking about.  The Annual Butterfly Parade was something that always put a smile on my face and in my heart.

Then I began to hear in my head Elton John’s song, “Someone Save my Life Tonight.”

“Sweet freedom whispered in my ear…

You’re a butterfly!

And butterflies are free to fly.

Fly away, high away…


Ah yes, sweet freedom… you’re a butterfly!  At some point we should all be butterflies!

We get to gracefully dance around being the best versions of ourselves, happy, joyful and grateful for another opportunity to watch a sun rise and set.  To look up each night and close our eyes while we wish upon a star and each month bathe our secrets in the light of the full moon.

We should allow ourselves to stand in awe as we observe the changing seasons, as each invite us to let go of what we no longer need and embrace change and new beginnings.

We all can make a difference in our lives and as we shift, we give others permission to do the same.

Be brave, live a joyful, exciting BIG life!

Until next time,

Watching for butterflies…


Cynthia xxx

No amount is too small …

No amount is too small …

In the Wake of Hurricane Harvey I cannot shake the feeling of needing to do something.

In the meantime I have collected some websites that actually support the victims in need.

Please consider donating, no amount is too small:

(Interfaith Ministries runs tons of meals on wheels)

(amazing JCC that is in a hard hit area)

(this is a church downtown that runs The Beacon, an amazing outreach/ homeless center)

(Helps repair damaged homes – great long term

place to give)

(formerly Houston Neighrborhood Center with centers allover town)


and my personal favorite to donate to:

Sending healing, strength, love and comapassion to all who are affected

Peace and Blue Jeans




Wholeness: Entire, Sound, Complete, Total or Intact.

How often do we find ourselves moving toward being in a period of Wholeness?

A hole can be a void or it may hold within it limitless possibilities.  If you look closely maybe you will recognize that life is creating an opening for you.

If you were to quiet your mind for a few moments what would you discover about where you are in that very moment?  Is there something going on internally that you are either waiting for the “right” moment to dissect, examine and tend to or do you find yourself putting things off for another time?  Do you “a-VOID” facing what you know deep within yourself may be your true path?  Does the unknown hold power over you and the decisions you make?

How willing are you to dig deep and begin removing the armor and masks you have become so comfortable wearing?  In wearing these “masks,” (as we all sometimes do…) have you convinced yourself that this is who you have become?  Are you ready to own all that you are, and wear your truth for all to see, feel and know?

If I asked, “Who are you?”  How would you respond? 

Would you tell me you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker?  Would you say you’re a daughter, son, employee or frustrated boss?

Would you tell me about your day and all you have accomplished, perhaps leaving out any struggles or hurts you may have experienced or even caused along the way?

I am curious, would our conversation be a “give and take,” exchange – or be mostly one-sided?

I want to know your inner truths.  The ones that haunt you at night, or maybe even during the day.  I want to know about the moments where you were unsure about something, yet moved forward and were willing to risk it all anyway.

Do you think you can open-up about your truth to me, …or even to yourself?

Do you view your days as a “to-do” list, checking each box as tasks are completed, or do you just let the day unfold as it may; knowing it will lead you toward your destination?

Do your actions and words truly align?  Are you willing to put up a mirror to your actions and a microphone to your words to see if they are edited depending on who may be watching or listening in that moment?

When was the last time you allowed your own true, raw emotions to erupt like a volcano for others to see or feel – knowing you were safe and free from judgement in a place where fear did not reside?

Why do you do what you do? What is the motivation to why you chose the career path you chose?  Why do you want to work with the people you work with (or not work with such people)?

What is the driving force behind the things you do?  Are you knowing the answers to these questions within your own mind but when asked by a stranger have a rehearsed response?  Can you be true to yourself at the “drop of a dime?”  (Are you…?)

Does your motivation lie in being in service to others, in making a lot of money, in having personal freedom — or perhaps all of the above?  When you say you want to be in service do you mean to yourself or to others?  Are there conditions that apply to these things you want?

For example:  I want to be of service to others but only during my day job.  Or, I want to make a lot of money even if I really do not like what it is I am doing.  I do what I do because that’s where the money is.  I will do whatever it takes to make enough so I can do whatever I want whenever I want.

No judgement — just truth.  Take off your mask and be authentically you.

If you hate what you do or where you are what is stopping you from looking at other options that may include doing something you absolutely feel drawn to and love?

Something that inspires you to get up in the morning and not just because of the paycheck you will receive…

Can’t you do something that allows you to have the best of all worlds; which causes you to want to have that feeling in all areas of your life.  Be in a place within yourself that does not require validation from others to “justify” who we are and why we do what we do.

Recently, life has gifted me the opportunity to look inside of my hole and recognize the possibilities that lie within it.  I have always known what my dream life would be and have dabbled in and out of experiencing it throughout my years.

I get to stop “toe-dipping” and testing the waters but rather dive right in, confident in who I truly am and finally being “okay” with all it is that makes me, ME…!

I know that people will always express their opinions wanting to offer support; which is always welcomed.  The difference now is that I am clear in knowing when these opinions are being offered from a place that is truly supportive of me or just a projection of other people’s fears.

Just being aware of this is all I need to understand what truly matters and allow the rest to fall where it may.

“It’s always perfect.”

We are all on our own paths to Wholeness.  Everyone’s journey is unique to them.  Watch, learn, find your truth and share it with the world!

The world will be a better place for it and so will you.

Until Next Time,

Diving Deeper…



Over this past week I came across a wonderful documentary entitled, “Embrace,” Body Image Activist Taryn Brumfitt’s visual crusade as she explores the global issues of body loathing; inspiring us to change the way we feel about ourselves.


I immediately saw myself in many of these stories, having endured many years of a love/hate relationship with my own body.


My thighs always touched! When I was 13 years old my body was “curvy” unlike most of my friends.


I was always comparing myself to other girls my age.  I was either exercising like a crazy person or starving myself in hopes that I would be thin and look good.


I have had brief moments of acceptance and or discipline.


I have a strained relationship with food that I continue to work through daily.  There is not a lot of food I like which makes eating an ongoing struggle.


I often hear what I should and should not be eating, what a woman with my physique should or should not wear and how carrying a little extra weight is frowned upon.


I can remember a few years ago removing a scale from my home, freeing myself from my own self judgement based upon a number.  Being a woman who lived over a decade as a closet bulimic I was torturing myself inside and out; instead of embracing my body with love and appreciation.



Watching “Embrace” ignited a firestorm within me.  I sat down and had a long heart to heart conversation with myself; with my body.  I apologized to my organs, blood vessels, muscles, tendons, bones and brain for the physical, mental and verbal abuse I had put it through for all those years.

I say often when we shine we give others permission to do the same.  So, if I am silently battling this amazing vehicle which I have been given the privilege of traveling through this life in (my own body); then am I giving others permission to do the same???


Eeeekkkkk!!! NO!!!


This is not the vibration I wish to share with the world.  So, being the conscious soul that I am and considering the heart-to-heart discussion I had with myself; I have decided to forgive “me” for all the self-abuse and to stop judging myself based upon others’ opinions of what I should or should not look like!


I understand this may take some time after many years of negative conditioning, but with conscious awareness and knowing my own truth I will remain true to the promise I made to myself.


It’s time I stand in a space of recognition and acceptance toward myself, which then gives others permission to do the same!


Until next time,


Embracing this wonderful vehicle of mine in a whole new light.


Blessed Summer Solstice!


Love yourself,


Vibrate Higher

Vibrate Higher

These past few weeks have been an opportunity to take a step back and look closely like an outsider looking in, opportunities to notice the hidden gems beneath the rocks.

It is said that life is not happening to us, it is only responding to us.

Basically, showing us that how we live each day is always a choice.

Each day no matter how cloudy, sunny, stressful or joyous is always a gift.

Every passing day offers us the chance to be a better person.  Each passing day offers us a chance to see the sun rise and set, discover things about ourselves we had not discovered yet.  Each moment of each day offers us an opportunity to have our actions show others how we really feel about ourselves and those whom we come in contact with.

When our actions and words align our inner light shines and gives others permission to do the same.

I watched a movie the other day called, “Before I Fall”.  It is a “Groundhog’s Day” themed movie, in which Samantha is offered an opportunity to see how her actions and words affect those around her and she gets to choose how she wants to be remembered.

We too have the chance to take a closer look at what we give our energy to, or things we choose to just go along with so as not to rock the boat.  A chance to find the things that make our heart shine and fill us with gratitude day in and day out.  Our problem is we always think we have time.

Unlike Samantha in “Before I Fall,” we don’t receive a warning or “groundhog’s day” moment each morning at the same hour, having the same exact day re-starting itself over and over to cue us to say, Let’s try this again!” But, we do have a choice to embrace each day with courage to create the life we want and explore all the possibilities life has in store for us.

Sometimes the world seems against us and our journey may leave a scar. These can be lessons of how we can choose to live out each and every day.  Every minute we are gifted another chance to vibrate higher, to remember who we are and how we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Tomorrow is never promised.

Stop waiting for the right moment in time because the moment you are waiting for may be the moment you are in.   Take the chance.  Love. Laugh. Explore!  Discover your inner happiness.

The world needs your light.

Until next time,

Grateful for my husband Ralph who ignites my inner flame and encourages me to shine brightly.


Silent Lessons and Raging Rivers …

Silent Lessons and Raging Rivers …

These past few weeks have been silent lessons in surrendering and trusting the process.

I feel this year has been moving so quickly as if I am being carried along on a raging river traveling toward an unknown destination.  It takes me through every twist and turn, leaving me beaten and bruised from smashing up against the riverbank and hidden rocks; never letting me forget the path I am on.

Then all the sudden and without any warning, a calm will take over and the river moves more slowly, more gracefully.  It allows me to catch my breath, take in the sunlight and smell the scent of the flowers.

For this brief moment, I forget the river still has a purpose.  Soon, the flow picks up again and we move along greeting every twist and turn of uncharted territory reminding me that all I can do is surrender and just trust the process (basically, just try to hang on and enjoy the ride)!

I know everything happens for a reason and when things seem uncertain or unclear in the present moment, in time all answers will be revealed.

This river and I have become old friends.  I have ridden along with her currents and rapids before.  You would think by now I know how to ride her with courage and grace?  I am fully aware that in any moment she may begin to pick up speed and once again test my strength by thrashing me up against the rocks; forcing me to let go of my tight hold on occasional fear and uncertainty.

Somewhere along this journey with my eyes wide open, I took a deep breath and released my tight grip, giving myself permission to trust the process.  I gently surrendered to the powerful current (and let go of needing to know all the answers).

I stand here today waiting to catch another ride on the river, knowing next time I will be wiser and stronger; trusting in the unknown that lies ahead.

Until next time,   

Keep on glistening for your journey is not over yet.

Resting upon the rocks…

Cynthia xxx

Let’s take a closer look…

Let’s take a closer look…

Lately I’ve noticed that most of the information I’ve been reading or listening to has to do with our daily habits.  This caused me to take a closer look at my own habits; noticing which ones are helping me move forward and which ones are keeping me stagnant?

With this I decided to share some of the healthy habits I have incorporated into my life.

Stop obsessing over the things you have no control over. 

As Buddha said, “…You only lose that which you cling to.”  When I realize I’m in a state of worry or obsessing over something out of my control (and being a recovering control freak), I totally get how difficult it can be to follow this advice!  I center myself and remember the two mantras I try to live by, “It’s Always Perfect,” and “Delays work in my favor…”  I also allow myself to have a 30-minute-or-less obsessive/worry session.  Giving myself permission to have this “pity party” allows me to talk myself in and out of my wheel and come to a place of surrender.  Sometimes we need to be open to the idea that what we want and what we may get could be two very different things.

Write in a journal for five minutes every day!

Writing can help you get centered and offers the opportunity to get really clear on what it is you desire deep down inside.  It is also a spectacular outlet for releasing frustrations within a particular situation; or person.  Anyone who knows me understands I’m a paper-and-pen fanatic.  I love to journal, write or doodle whenever I am in flux or needing to release what is exploding in my brain.

For at least one hour a day… “turn off the news channels!” on TV, internet and/or radio.

Escaping all the negative conversations and violence for at LEAST one hour a day can add peace to your heart and soul! Unplugging gives us a chance to appreciate what is going on in the moment without being distracted.

Get at least seven hours of sleep at night.

I am personally still working on this one. A restful night’s sleep is truly one of my goals these days.  Sleeping seven hours a night is said to increase memory, lower stress levels, spur creativity as well as strengthen our immune systems.

Say “NO!” to people and obligations that do not really interest you.

You will find this will allow you more time to focus on things you want to do. There are only 24 hours in a day, why not make more of them available to yourself?  This can also give you more confidence.  Saying “no” to others can often amount to saying “yes” to yourself.  This is a back-handed “I love you” to the most important person in your life.  Take it as a compliment and feel good about it.  And, last but not least, you’ll respect yourself more (and so will others).

So, this Wake-Up Wednesday I hope you get the opportunity to look closely at your habits, then decide which ones are keepers and which ones can take a hike.

Until next time,

Journaling with gratitude and ideas,

Peace and Blue Jeans


Do you Feel Everything Around You?

As a sensitive I am all too aware of my tendency to take on other people’s emotions.

When I’m in a crowded environment like New York City, or at an event with many people chatting and engaging each other; if I had not prepared myself for these positive and/or negative energies I will immediately notice their affect on me.

Have you ever noticed that laughter is contagious?

When you are surrounded by people in a really good mood it is hard to be upset.  Similarly, when you are surrounded by others who are frustrated or angry you can feel your own energy begin to drain (…ever walk into a room and feel as if you could “…cut the tension with a knife”)?

I have been hearing from a lot of people lately how they are becoming more sensitive to their surroundings, or just seem to be noticing it more within themselves.

Here are a few things that I do to prepare myself for the unknown:

  • If I suddenly feel my mood quickly shifting (and not in a good direction) I quietly ask myself, “Is this mine?”  I have found if is not “mine,” the energy shifts back to balance fairly quickly.
  • Pay attention to people and places that leave you feeling drained or “heavy.”  If you can limit your time with them (or avoid them) then do that.
  • Align your energy by concentrating on your breathing.  Get present in the moment and if you are outside, find a tree to lean against.  This allows the Earth energy to infuse with your body and will help to ground you, releasing energies that are not serving you.
  • Picture your entire body in a purple, pink or golden colored bubble (think of The Good Witch of the North Glinda’s bubble in the Wizard of OZ).  Or imagine yourself in a mirrored bubble reflecting back anything that does not serve you; allowing in only positive energy.
  • Surround yourself with positive people that lift your mood.  Watch a funny movie or listen to music that makes you smile and feel joyful. Think of someone or something you love.  Love vibrates at a much higher level than anger or frustration.

Most of all always be kind to yourself.  You know what feels good and what doesn’t.  We may not always have a choice to where we must go and with whom; but we always have a choice on how we deal with the situation.

Until next time,

Breathing deeply in my pink bubble!


In honor of the movement’s political history, which dates all the way back to 1970, here are some suggestions that promote a little extra earth-loving care as well as a renewed sense of connection to this beautiful place we call home.   Even though Earth Day should be every day, I hope you join in with me and millions of people across the globe on April 22nd to do at least one thing that will make our planet a better place to live.

Why not go and take a Hike.

Go for a walk along the ocean or lake.

How about getting involved with a local

Community Garden.

Plant a tree.

Do a Home Energy Audit check.

Clean Out Your Closets and Donate to a Charity.

Instead of driving walk or ride a bicycle.

Pick up the trash instead of walking over it.

Earth Day is observed around the world on April 22. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970, and is considered the birth of the modern environmental movement.  Before 1970, the health of the environment was not a common concern, even as industry poured chemicals and smoke into the air. In 1962, Rachel Carson, an ecologist from Pennsylvania, published a book called Silent Spring. The book became a best seller and raised public awareness of environmental concerns.

After the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, Calif., Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. senator for Wisconsin, organized a nationwide demonstration against the pollution and the deterioration of the environment. The protest was held on April 22, 1970. Approximately twenty million Americans joined the demonstration in support of a healthier and more sustainable treatment of the environment.

Happy Earth Day

It’s earth day…hug a tree. Let your little ones play outside in the dirt…like we used to when we were growing up.  Happy earth day!  Remember, we don’t inherit the planet from our parents, we borrow it from our children.


Until next time,

Enjoying the outdoors and honoring Mother Earth!

Peace and Blue Jeans,

Cynthia xxx