Grateful AF

Why is it seemingly only during the Thanksgiving holiday that we express at a deeper level just how Grateful, Blessed and Thankful we are for all that we have in our lives?  I know most people are grateful and thankful on a daily basis for all their blessings; especially lately.  This year of 2017 has been a year filled with tragic events that rocked all of us to the CORE.  Lives have been drastically changed in an instant by various natural, as well as man-made catastrophes; more times than I care to even contemplate.


Hard times vary depending on the people going through them.  Some events seem more tragic than others, yet individually, each of our life-shaking moments affects us differently.  Every day we get to ask, “…what do I have to be grateful for, right here, right now?”  How can I impact my life and the lives of others in a loving and supportive way?  Any gesture of KINDNESS MATTERS.


Always be Kind to yourself and to others.


We never really know the hardships others may be facing at any given moment in their lives.  There will always be those who have “more” of something as well as those with “less.”  Whatever it is, to them the challenges can be unbearable.


So, tell me in this moment what are you grateful for (not just during the Holiday Season)?  Each day is different and hides moments that are truly gifts to be opened, cherished and shared.


You may never know the affect that your words or actions have on another person, place or thing.  Do we really know who is reading, watching or listening to what we have been saying or doing?  What kind of example are we setting?  Do we treat others the way in which we wish to be treated?



With so much going on in this world of ours, let’s make a conscious effort to be Kind.


Be grateful for every moment and let them teach us how we would like to live in the next.  Find the good in yourself and be that, then find the good in others and let them know you see it!


Remember we are all in this lifetime together.  Ask for support if you need it.  Be true to you!


This is NOT a dress rehearsal.

We are all shining beings of LOVE; be that…


Wishing everyone beautiful days and beautiful evenings.

Until Next Time,


Grateful AF,





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