Hi Cynthia!  First, thank you, thank you, for the wonderful Vision Board workshop on January 6, 2018.   The questions you put together were really thought-provoking and right on target with discovering what matters most for each of us individually. Lunch was a fun time to get to know the other folks. The actual cut-n-paste time flew by and has an addictive quality that makes it hard to stop! What fun!  Victoria Weisel (New York)

A friend gifted me a flower essence blend from Cynthia about a month ago after I’d had some medical issues. I have to say within a week I felt the difference. Not only was the essence beautifully packaged, it tasted pleasant too. With using it daily I feel much stronger and have so much more energy, and given the medical nightmare I’ve gone through having any energy at all is a major win. I loved the essence so much that I simply had to have one made up for another friend who is going through a chronic illness. Cynthia was so thorough and put together a complex blend that was perfect for my friend! My friend reports back that she has had a noted increase in confidence and that she has found her moods much more positive. We both just love the work Cynthia does! Thank you!!!!! Jessica Costello (Massachusetts)

I was lucky enough to re-connect with this amazingly gifted person and her wonderful product. I corresponded with Cynthia and explained to her what I was interested in . In our conversation I conveyed I wanted an essence to help me in my spiritual consultations. She instinctively knew exactly what to create for me. I received the essence quickly and tried it immediately. You could actually feel the energy of this product as soon as you pick up the bottle.The essence she created has heightened my abilities and helps me to connect even faster than before. Cynthia is very knowledgeable in what she does and explains everything completely. She infuses her products with just the right vibrational energy and it reflects in her essences. I can’t rave about this product enough! ~ Janny Di (New Rochelle, NY )

I don’t know if the right words even exist for me to express the feelings of love, admiration and gratitude I have for Cynthia. Over the course of the last five years, which were some of the most difficult of my life, she has been my coach, my sage counsel, my spiritual guru, my cheerleader and most importantly the voice of my truth, even when I couldn’t hear it. I would not be where I am today, standing tall on my path forward, had I not had her support navigating through the darkness. I have learned to love myself and allow myself to be loved through her coaching. I have gained clarity and insight to my life through her readings. I have learned to set intentions and manifest good things through her workshops and had the strength and courage to stand up and speak my truth when she sends her healing, love and strength energetically. I will be forever grateful for her honesty, support and guidance. ~ Catherine

I have been ordering Flower Essences from Cynthia over the last 2 years. I have remained a devoted customer because the Essences have been beneficial for me. They have helped to uplift my mood and bring a sense of calm to my often chaotic world. Recently, I was introduced to the Chakra Kit which features an essence for each of the 7 chakras. I began taking them daily and found myself feeling more balanced and centered. Cynthia even provided me with free chakra readings with my orders. I found these to be very informative and helpful. I will continue to use the essences in my daily life. They have had a great natural impact on my well-being.

I have received Angel Readings and massages from Cynthia.  The Angel readings are extraordinarily insightful and accurate, offering me guidance and peace of mind in areas of life I felt stuck in.  It’s like having someone remove the cobwebs from my mind so that I see with more clarity.  Massages were equally wonderful.  Not only did my body receive the soft tissue work it needed, Cynthia was also able to read my energy while working on me and provide me with insights into what energy I was storing in my physiology. Always, always, working with Cynthia is a validating and loving experience. ~ JSR

 I have been receiving Angel card readings from Cynthia for years and love them.  Cynthia is always very accurate and intuitive in her readings.  She gives wonderful advice in a very caring and compassionate in her assessment of the cards.  I look forward to her readings.   I highly recommend her. ~ Jeffrey Fleming