Wholeness: Entire, Sound, Complete, Total or Intact.

How often do we find ourselves moving toward being in a period of Wholeness?

A hole can be a void or it may hold within it limitless possibilities.  If you look closely maybe you will recognize that life is creating an opening for you.

If you were to quiet your mind for a few moments what would you discover about where you are in that very moment?  Is there something going on internally that you are either waiting for the “right” moment to dissect, examine and tend to or do you find yourself putting things off for another time?  Do you “a-VOID” facing what you know deep within yourself may be your true path?  Does the unknown hold power over you and the decisions you make?

How willing are you to dig deep and begin removing the armor and masks you have become so comfortable wearing?  In wearing these “masks,” (as we all sometimes do…) have you convinced yourself that this is who you have become?  Are you ready to own all that you are, and wear your truth for all to see, feel and know?

If I asked, “Who are you?”  How would you respond? 

Would you tell me you’re a butcher, baker or candlestick maker?  Would you say you’re a daughter, son, employee or frustrated boss?

Would you tell me about your day and all you have accomplished, perhaps leaving out any struggles or hurts you may have experienced or even caused along the way?

I am curious, would our conversation be a “give and take,” exchange – or be mostly one-sided?

I want to know your inner truths.  The ones that haunt you at night, or maybe even during the day.  I want to know about the moments where you were unsure about something, yet moved forward and were willing to risk it all anyway.

Do you think you can open-up about your truth to me, …or even to yourself?

Do you view your days as a “to-do” list, checking each box as tasks are completed, or do you just let the day unfold as it may; knowing it will lead you toward your destination?

Do your actions and words truly align?  Are you willing to put up a mirror to your actions and a microphone to your words to see if they are edited depending on who may be watching or listening in that moment?

When was the last time you allowed your own true, raw emotions to erupt like a volcano for others to see or feel – knowing you were safe and free from judgement in a place where fear did not reside?

Why do you do what you do? What is the motivation to why you chose the career path you chose?  Why do you want to work with the people you work with (or not work with such people)?

What is the driving force behind the things you do?  Are you knowing the answers to these questions within your own mind but when asked by a stranger have a rehearsed response?  Can you be true to yourself at the “drop of a dime?”  (Are you…?)

Does your motivation lie in being in service to others, in making a lot of money, in having personal freedom — or perhaps all of the above?  When you say you want to be in service do you mean to yourself or to others?  Are there conditions that apply to these things you want?

For example:  I want to be of service to others but only during my day job.  Or, I want to make a lot of money even if I really do not like what it is I am doing.  I do what I do because that’s where the money is.  I will do whatever it takes to make enough so I can do whatever I want whenever I want.

No judgement — just truth.  Take off your mask and be authentically you.

If you hate what you do or where you are what is stopping you from looking at other options that may include doing something you absolutely feel drawn to and love?

Something that inspires you to get up in the morning and not just because of the paycheck you will receive…

Can’t you do something that allows you to have the best of all worlds; which causes you to want to have that feeling in all areas of your life.  Be in a place within yourself that does not require validation from others to “justify” who we are and why we do what we do.

Recently, life has gifted me the opportunity to look inside of my hole and recognize the possibilities that lie within it.  I have always known what my dream life would be and have dabbled in and out of experiencing it throughout my years.

I get to stop “toe-dipping” and testing the waters but rather dive right in, confident in who I truly am and finally being “okay” with all it is that makes me, ME…!

I know that people will always express their opinions wanting to offer support; which is always welcomed.  The difference now is that I am clear in knowing when these opinions are being offered from a place that is truly supportive of me or just a projection of other people’s fears.

Just being aware of this is all I need to understand what truly matters and allow the rest to fall where it may.

“It’s always perfect.”

We are all on our own paths to Wholeness.  Everyone’s journey is unique to them.  Watch, learn, find your truth and share it with the world!

The world will be a better place for it and so will you.

Until Next Time,

Diving Deeper…


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